About me

If you would ask me how I see myself I would tell you that I am an open-minded guy who loves anything that is artistic. In my personal life, this is expressed by my love for reading and playing the piano. Currently, I study programming and design for games at the NHTV in Breda, which I have been doing for the past three years now. Since I began my game-development journey I have made quite a few games. Just for you, I have collected some of my best work (so far) on this page (scroll down to see them). Send me a personal message to ask me literally anything (you can find contact information at the bottom of every page). Want to know more about who I am? Read more about my personal story by pressing the big button below (the one that says "tell me more").


An anti-grav racer built in a custom engine for Windows and PS4 written in C++


An atmospheric city management game made in two and a half weeks


(31) 6 28196052


Nieuwstraat 40D
Breda, 4811 WV